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Sports Ministry

Charles Kaye Field "Campo de Los Sueños"

Charles Kaye Field Campo De Los Suenos.j

Because sports tend to be a fantastic equalizer, we intentionally use it as a platform to build relationships with vulnerable children and youth in the city of Granada and the surrounding communities of Pantanal and Madroño. What began years ago by El Puente as a pick-up style missionary outreach, has now become a well-developed and ever evolving sports ministry. Every Saturday morning, we head to the GCEC property and spend over 2 hours with a group of children ages 5-12 playing softball on our continually expanding baseball field, which is now officially known as the Charles Kaye Field "Campo de los Sueños (Field of Dreams)." 


Saturday mornings begin with a fun game of softball in which principles of teamwork, good sportsmanship, character development and how to handle success and failure are demonstrated and practiced. After the game, we share the Gospel and, together, study biblical truths and principles, offering messages of hope and a better way in Christ.

As our physical structures have grown into a beautiful baseball field with the best view in all of Granada, what we refer to as the Green Monster (Mombacho Volcano), so has the community's desire for organized baseball. We recently formed a baseball team of 13-16 year old young men to join the Granada league. Although playing baseball is an honorable endeavor in and of itself, our goal is to use this as an avenue to pour into the lives of vulnerable young men with the love of Christ. Our desire is that our team would become known in the community for its joy, strong character and respect of fellow team mates, opponents, coaches and umpires. We hope to develop a team of humble players that others would want to emulate. 

Over the years, sports have proven to be one of our most effective outreach tools for spreading the Gospel to children and youth who may not otherwise be open to hearing the Good News on a regular basis. Many have come to a saving relationship with Christ and we anticipate that many more will as well. 

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