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A Brief History

Founded in 2006 by Charles and Sarah Kaye, The Bridge, or "El Puente" as many know us by our Spanish name, has grown into a lively community. Both inside and outside our walls, ministry and outreach to the local community are happening. As our name implies, we aim to provide a bridge between those who know the salvation of Christ and those who do not. We seek to provide bridges between those who have hope and those who do not, between those who have much and those in need, and local Nicaraguans and visitors to the area. Our motivation has always been and continues to be gratitude for the unmerited gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is our sincere belief that individuals need to take responsibility for their lives and become involved in developing solutions to their own problems. We seek to involve people in helping themselves, developing and sustaining programs side by side with our staff and volunteers that yields lasting change.


Our mission is to demonstrate the love of Christ and make available the good news of the Gospel. We seek to help others in the name of Jesus, believing that programs based on Biblical principles and with Christian content are the key to transforming lives.


Our vision is to create a physical space and culture focused on spiritual development where those whom we serve know they are deeply loved and cared for, and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, feel empowered to create lasting change in their lives. We envision a place that honors local language, culture and traditions, one that is beautiful and functional and glorifies God through every human effort and achievement, giving Him all glory and honor. We long to see an environment that welcomes the community at large regardless of where they stand spiritually, radiates the hope of Christ and points to salvation by His grace alone, and promotes human dignity and creativity. 

To extend mission-minded thinking and provide opportunities for others to participate in the work God is doing in Granada, El Puente welcomes volunteers throughout the year. Over the years, many locals, interns, short-term mission teams, and long-term missionaries have helped to build our programs and change the face of Granada. 

As a non-demonitational Christian ministry, the contributors, staff and volunteers of El Puente come from a variety of congregations and denominations. Respect and charity toward others, based on the knowledge that God's mercy in an unmerited gift through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, guides our conduct. As a Christ-centered ministry, El Puente, its projects, programs and staff, uphold standards consistent with the Christian faith, and we ask all volunteers to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of our faith. 

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